Human Resources

Behind the history of ÜNTEL; with full of achievements in cable industry, its products used over 6 continents and leadership position in the industry lies the importance it attaches to human resources, that is the architect of this success.

ÜNTEL carries out many organizational development projects with believing that; growth and moves made in every area should be definitely integrated with the investments to be made in human resources.
Our human resources projects aim to ensure internal cooperation, loyalty, high quality and high motivation to our company.
Besides these, we work to create an environment where our employees can have both professional and personal success. Including the best talents suitable for our corporate culture in our organization, we continuously improve our systems and processes to ensure that our employees works comfortable in our organization for years.

As ÜNTEL, we shape our corporate values and management approach around the factor of “Respect for Human”.
ÜNTEL family, which aims to maintain its leadership role with continuous growth and development by leading the improvements in the industry, is composed of the individuals whom are:

• Foreseeing and who consider all differences as richness;
• Creative;
• Determined and compete constructively;
• Attach importance to ethical values;
• Sharing people and believes team spirit
• Positive

It consists of individuals with competencies.

“The only irreplaceable capital an organization possesses is the knowledge and ability of its people."”