Untel’s Flat Cables: Powering And Controlling Industrial Moveable Equipment And Tools

Flat cables are flexible, low and medium voltage, power and control industrial moveable equipment, conveyors, elevators, festoon systems, trolleys, control units and tools. Specially designed for various industry sectors such as port, mining, factory and plant, they are mainly used as trailing cables for yard festoon systems and gantries, helping them operate smoothly without downtime. The cables get subjected to moderate operating environments, continuous motion, mechanical loads and bending on a single plane, so they must withstand these conditions without failure and be cost-effective for the operator to maintain.

Flat cables can be used in indoor and outdoor applications and are available with PVC or Rubber sheathing, with the rubber versions ensuring increased flexibility and strength while being robust. These rubber versions must withstand wet, dry, and humid industrial environments, in temperatures up to 90º and. Due to their flat construction and size, they can operate within smaller environments where the bending radius would be an issue for round cables, and the flat construction also ensures a single bend point.

Untel is the market leader for flat industrial cables domestically and exports these cables worldwide to some of the most prestigious iron & steel plants, cement factories, pump manufacturers, shipyards, and ports, as well as being a respected and registered supplier to global leading crane manufacturers, and distributors to these industries.

Under its popular UNFLAT brand, Untel manufactures and supplies these cables as rubber versions produced according to VDE standards and PVC versions according to EN/European standards. Untel also holds VDE certification for its NGFLGOU flat rubber cables and HAR certification for its H07VV6-F PVC cables.

Both its PVC and rubber versions can be produced with shielding to protect against any interference, offering electromagnetic protection (EMC). Üntel can also manufacture its Rubber flat cables to medium voltage rating.

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