New Investments By Untel Kablo Ensures Cable Quality

Our world has faced severe global issues during the past few years, namely the Covid-19 pandemic, political crisis, trade wars, and international wars, all of which have affected supply chains. Due to recent geopolitical and trade issues, some companies have moved their supply chain activities out of China and now from Russia. These are all very challenging aspects of the current situation the world finds itself. On the other hand, it has created advantages for some countries and companies, too.

It won’t be wrong to say that the cable industry has been doing well across the World. Many cable manufacturers are satisfied with increasing demand, and reputable Turkish cable manufacturer Üntel Kablo, which has celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022, is no exception, by delivering a solid financial position during challenging times, and resulting in the company committing some critical investments in its cable facilities, machinery, staff, crucial certifications and quality standards.

Üntel, which has operations in Kocaeli, northwest of Turkey, has years of experience in manufacturing rubber and special cables since its foundation 50 years ago. Since moving to its new facility in 2010, it has kept solid and continued investment in machinery and new technologies.

To increase its production and capacity, Üntel is planning to construct the second phase of its cable manufacturing plant, once all the necessary planning permissions are approved.

Moreover, during the summer of 2022, the company plans to add a new CCV line for rubber cables and twisting machines & bunchers to help increase demand and shorten lead times for its partners and end-users.

The cable manufacturing plant equipment and expansions are all acquired from global leading cable machinery manufacturers to uphold its end cable product quality. Furthermore, to ensure cable quality, the company has developed its team with quality staff in its plants and service departments – to build on its already respected reputation amongst its partners from various industries, globally.

The new machineries will manufacture new product groups, which build on Üntel’s recent investment in its new R&D facility and team, who are working hard to develop and enter new global vertical markets through vigorous research, testing and quality. The continued investment in certification and type approvals from leading certification and standards bodies ensures peace of mind from its partners and end-users.

Üntel is a registered and preferred supplier of many of the world’s leading companies. It exports cables to over 80 countries on 6 continents, with 60% of its manufacturing dedicated to these markets, bosting over 250 International Certificates for its 15,000 strong cable product range.

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