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ARMAFLEX Mining Certficated Cables

Certificates :


Used as flexible power cable

CONDUCTOR : Electrolytic, stranded, tinned copper wire DiN VDE 0295 Class 5
SEPERATOR : Separating tape over phase and pilot conductors
INSULATION : Phase cores and pilot core are insulated with 3Gl3 compound (acc. to DiN VDE 0207 part 20). Earth conductors are not insulated.
SEPERATOR : Coloured Texti!e tape for core identification (except for earth conductors)
SCREEN : Tinned copper / Nylon braided screen over phase cores. Pilot core is not screened.
LAYUP : Afi cores are /aid up in contact with each other and interstitial ground conductors and pilot core.
BEDDING : Special elastomeric compound GM/b (acc. to DiN VDE 0207 Teil 21)
SCREEN : Semi conductive tape and tinned copper wire braided overall screen.
SEPERATOR : Textile tape
OUTER SHEATH : Heavy-duty elastomer outer sheath 5GM5 (acc. to DiN VDE 0207 Teil 21)

RATED VOLTAGE : 1.8/ 3.3 kV, 3.6/6.6 kV, 6.6/11 kV
TEST VOLTAGE : 6 kV (AC), 11 kV (AC), 27,5 kV (DC), 17 kV (AC), 42.5 kV (DC)

Cross section (mm2)Min. overall diameter (mm)Max. overall diameter (mm)Approx. cable weight (kg/km)Copper weight (kg/km)
Al/ figures are far 3. 6/6. 6kV cable
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