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VG 95218 Part 62 (FMGSGO)


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Used as fixed installation cable in telecommunication, signal, radio, radar and information systems in most areas, below and above deck on Navy vessels. They are not designed for continuous installation in water. Comply the general requirements of BV 3400 (Specification for Cable Systems of German Navy Vessels

Conductor: Electrolytic, stranded, copper wire to DIN EN 60228 Class 2
Insulation: Halogen free cross linked polymeric compound
Core Identification: According to VG 95218 part 62
Covering of Cores: Halogen free compound or binder tape
Screen: Copper wire braiding screen with separating foil over braid
Outer Sheath: Halogen free, cross-linked elastomeric compound.

Construction: VG 95218 Part 62
Max Permissible Operating Voltage: AC 250V / DC 355V
AC Test Voltage: 2 kV
Working Temperature: -30°C / + 90°C
Min Bending Radius (Fixed): 5xD
General Requirements and Tests: VG 95218-2
Current Ratings: VG 95218-5
Flame Retardant: IEC 60332 /1, IEC 60332 / 3-24 Cat. C
Halogen Content: IEC 60754 / 1 – 2
Smoke Density: IEC 61034 / 1-2 ( DIN EN 50268/1-2)

Designation as per VG95218 Part.60 Dash NoCores x sizeNumber of the single wires (min)Wall thickness of insulation nominalWall thickness of sheathOuter Diameter (min- max.)Cable Weight Approx.Min. Bending Radius Fixed InstalledConductor resistance at (20ºC) (max)Insulation resistance (20ºC) (min)
No. x mm²mmmmmmmmkg/kmmm(Ω/km)(MΩ·km)
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