Our Human Resources Applications

The purpose of our human resources applications in ÜNTEL is:

– To ensure that the organization proceeds on its way with the persons to ensure the continuity and permanence of the organization’s rapid growth in line with its targets;
– To train qualified individuals by supporting the training and development of the human resource;
– To increase the productivity of the organization by awarding the performance and projects of the employees in accordance with the win-win principle; and
– To create a working environment where our human resource will be happy and where its expectations will be met.

Candidates who want to advance with us in our process of growth by joining in ÜNTEL family may send their CV to the address insan.kaynaklari@untel.com.tr with a letter stating the department they want to work in. In addition, they may view the job advertisements published at www.kariyer.net.

As ÜNTEL, we are committed to providing equal opportunities to each individual during recruitment. As we equally treat the individuals working at ÜNTEL, we apply this equality-based approach also to candidates who have made a job application and we never discriminate.

During all of our human resources processes (recruitment, training, wages, career, etc.), we do not discriminate against individuals for their race, color, gender, age, religion, sexual identity, marital status, citizenship, disability, retirement, or any other characteristics.

During the meetings with candidates, we utilize different assessment tools such as personality inventory, skill test, language test, etc., besides face-to-face interviews, in order to perform an objective and scientific recruitment.

The performance of our employees is evaluated with the Target and Competence-Based Performance Management System.

In this system, it is aimed to ensure a strong relationship between corporate success and development and personal success and development, with the top-down spread of the corporate targets in terms of management.

In the Performance Management System, the targets, competences, and potentials of our employees are evaluated by their managers. In line with the results obtained from this evaluation, our employees are included in development programs. 

The Performance Management System and the Career Management System are the systems that ensure the employees direct their career, that offer training and development opportunities, and that contribute to both personal and organizational development. They have been configured in such a way that the performance, career, succession, talent management, and training/development processes work in an integrated way.

In addition, the Proposal System has been created to evaluate the creative and improving ideas in the company. Thus, it is aimed to promote and keep continuously active the perception of producing ideas to lead improvements in the company and to give acceleration to the company.

At ÜNTEL, our employees start benefiting from the training and development opportunities with the activities starting with the Orientation Training during their first days. They are supported by the pieces of training through which they can continuously keep their competences updated as a member of a growing company.

During all of these processes, our approach is:

  • Continuity in training and development;
  • Innovation and diversity in training methods; and
  • Designing and realizing special programs for different functions.


The purpose of our training system is to train the labor force that is ready for the developing structure of ÜNTEL aimed at the future. The requirements of our organization are identified through the training needs analysis. In this analysis, the competences required by the respective position, the priorities of the organization, and the requirements of the employees are taken into consideration. Following this analysis, the necessary training is organized. Training is provided either as internal training or through outsourced training support.