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We Participated in PEMTEK with our R&D Studies

The National Technologies in the Petroleum Industry Meeting (PEMTEK), organized in Istanbul with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and hosted by the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), took place on April 27-28.

Mr. Onur Serhat Günan, Üntel Kablo Domestic Sales and Projects Manager, and Mr. Gürcan Gül, Üntel Kablo R&D Manager, were present at the event to represent Üntel Kablo.

Gürcan Gül made a presentation about the project on behalf of our company at the meeting. Our R&D Manager Gürcan Gül explained the technical details of the project and all development processes one by one with his presentation at the meeting. Gül also gave information about the design, manufacturing and acceptance of ESP Cable. Gül, who detailed the acceptance of the project, its technical parts, the processes of academic interviews for the project and emphasized its importance, ended his presentation by thanking the whole team who worked on the project.

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