Untel’s range of welding cables: keeping the welding industry operational

Kaynak Kabloları-welding cables

Welding cables are used where a flexible cable connection is required to transmit high currents from the electric welding device to the welding tool. These cables are manufactured to strict quality standards to ensure long life, work safety and to keep operations running without incident. They are robust and flexible, making them suitable for use in mobile applications such as the automobile industry, shipbuilding, transport, conveyor systems, tool-making machinery, welding robots, and more.

These single-core cables work under a low voltage Uo/U 100/100V maximum and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. They are ideal for constant flexing and bending, and their flexibility is vital to ensure ease of use and prevent any knots and twisting that can result in failure of the cable. They have excellent resistance to abrasion, atmospheric agents, welding sparks and ozone, thanks to their characteristics.

Untel’s comprehensive range of Welding Cables has been manufactured in its cable plants since its foundation to the highest quality standards. Its CPR Eca class approved cable range is available from 1×10 to 1×240 mm2 and can be supplied in all colours. H01N2-D and H01N2-E versions, which are more flexible and manufactured with Class 6 copper, are harmonised, and the 0361 TQ is manufactured according to BS Standards. All are manufactured with a rubber sheathing – not with commodity compounds – for increased flexibility and robustness.

Untel is a registered and preferred supplier of many of the World’s leading welding machine manufacturers. It exports cables to over 70 countries on 6 continents, with 60% of its manufacturing dedicated to these markets, bosting over 250 International Certificates for its 15,000 strong cable product range.

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