Üntel’s mining and tunnelling cables: approved quality for over 30 years

Mining and Tunnelling are some of the most demanding working environments for equipment, with some of the highest security standards to mitigate risk. Countries are focused on combining expertise and knowledge to create and develop safety and quality standards, with exceptionally detailed standards applicable in the manufacture, supply, and installation of cables – all vital for safety and operational excellence.

Mining cables get subjected to all types of harsh operating conditions. Subsequently, these robust, special cables must comply with the applicable quality standards to sustain long working life and uphold the highest safety in the mining operation – to power, control, and monitor heavy industrial equipment. Achieving this cable quality requires years of cable manufacturing and mining industry experience and knowledge.

Üntel has produced mining cables according to leading international standards with approved quality for over 30 years. Its products have been used during this time, without indecent or breakdown in mining operations, worldwide.

Üntel’s mining cables are designed, manufactured and certified according to the well known standards and specifications:

  • German standards; DIN VDE 0250-812&813
  • British standards; BS6708
  • Australian standards – New Zealand standards; AS/NZS 1802 and AS/NZS 2802
  • South African Standards; SANS 1520-1&2
  • Specifications of Turkish Hard Coal Enterprise; MGM-101, MGM-109, MGM-110, MGM-111, MGM-112, MGM-115 and MGM-118

Üntel also has the ability and know-how to manufacture mining and tunnelling cables according to any standards not currently mentioned in its catalogue and any other special cable on request. It provides cables for every mining operation application, including the surface, underground, heavy equipment and machinery, and the mining infrastructure.

Üntel’s mining cables carry the following benefits to users:

  1. They comply with the related standards or specifications.
  2. They are designed for heavy-duty use.
  3. They are easy to install and flexible
  4. They have flame retardant properties.
  5. They are resistant to oil, water, and sunlight.
  6. And they are resistant against tearing, smashing and abrasion.

Üntel’s mining cables can operate between -40°C and +80°C ambient temperature and +90°C operating temperature. It’s also vital not to exceed the recommended design limits such as operating voltage, current carrying capacity, pulling tension, temperature limits, etc., to maintain the longest possible lifetime of the cables. Detailed information is found in the related product pages, and technical tables in Üntel’s mining cables catalogue here.

Üntel Kablo now exports cables to over 70 countries on 6 continents, with 60% of its manufacturing dedicated to these markets, bosting over 250 International Certificates for its 15,000 strong cable product range.

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