Untel Shore-to-ship power supply cables: providing power between vessels and ports

Climate change has created a need for new solutions to help us move toward a net zero world. Ships, with their heavy bunker fuels and diesel oils, have contributed to air pollution, making them an area for investment and new solutions to ensure a much cleaner shipping and marine industry.

When ships berth at harbours, they don’t need energy for propulsion but still consume large amounts for systems like heating, cooling, lighting, control systems and other functions. So, they run their generators while berthed instead of using shoreside power supplies. That causes pollutants and noise.

Because of this, port authorities and shipping companies are under pressure to reduce their air pollution and create more environmentally friendly solutions in their ports.

Due to this pressure, there has been a significant shift to installing Shore-to-Ship power supply solutions, where ships can connect to the port or marinas’ land side charging station and avoid using generators and fuel-based power. 

More and more newly built ships come equipped with Shore-to-Ship power plug solutions, available for vessels of all types, sizes, and ages. As a result, this increases the demand for quality cabling solutions to meet the requirements of each port’s varying layouts and applications.

Üntel offers various low (LV) and medium voltage (MV) cable solutions for Ship to Shore power systems, also available with fibre optic composites for data transmission.

Üntel’s Shore to Ship power cables meets the requirements of flexibility and durability against stress’ based on mobile use and movements of ships. They are manufactured with Rubber or Polyurethane (PUR) sheathing according to environmental conditions as they can be exposed to seawater, moisture, UV, and other outside influences. Üntel’s Shore-to-ship power supply cables have the advantage of a smaller bending radius and outstanding flexibility. These cables can be plugged directly from the transformer or with cable reels according to length.

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