Üntel Kablo supplies cables for the Turkish Navy ship, TCG Anadolu

Global well known cable manufacturer, Üntel, has recently supplied its Navy Cables to the Turkish Navy for their newbuild, the TCG Anadolu, an amphibious assault ship constructed at the SEDEF Shipyard in Turkey and currently on final tests and trials, which is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2022.

Once delivered to Turkish Navy, the TCG Anadolu, which is constructed with 70% percentage of “domestic products”, will be the largest warship available in the Turkish Navy. Anadolu, the aircraft carrier, with the 231 meter length and 32 meter width had been designed by Navantia S.A (Spain),

New navy ships are more sophisticated and require more specialised equipment and complex cable systems to meet global demand to broaden naval capabilities and highest requirements of safety on board.

Üntel Kablo is one of the leading shipbuilding cable manufacturers for navy vessels in Europe. It has been producing with approved quality for a half-century, supplying its VG95218 type Navy Cables, widely used in naval vessels such as defence or warships. These cables are ideally suited for permanent installation on ships and boats, especially on and under desks. Üntel’s Navy cables have been approved by its customers for an easy installation, enhanced flexibility, easy pulling, easy strippable and reduced size and lightweight.

Üntel provides a full range of VG 95218 Part 60-66 cables from a single source, with design principles developed through years of experience and continues to provide quality to the sector with new product certification investments from global organisations, tested by VDE and including approval from the German Military and DNV.

Üntel is one of the few producers of these types of cables globally and is established and respected with quality production processes and testing standards. By complying with international standards and its intensive research and development strategy, Üntel shows its commitment and readiness for global competition.

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